2017 Kia Optima Sportswagon 1.7 CRDI 3 Review

Kia wants to prove that you could do just as well in confront of the Germans with regards to quality, road holding and comfort. But could it be truly true? If you analyze the design, the first answer is yes, since to an individual taste, the item is undoubtedly effective, outside and within. There are not things especially original, but the big front grille and tail give low selection and that of sports that never hurts. And after that the chrome: not too many, not the several, give elegance without exaggeration. The Optima SW becomes therefore appear, but don’t overdo it.

Be beautiful on the outside isn’t enough, though, when you’ve to do with the customers very challenging, applied to driving practically perfect vehicle. And the Optima doesn’t disappoint. In fact, think about it a subject wherein the Optima Sportswagon excels exists and is called habitability. Not only as an area for the knees, elbows, mind and shoulders – which still abound – but additionally as ergonomics. Low seat, steering wheel that adjusts a great deal in depth and well aligned Control actually allow everybody preferred to be driving position.

The quality? In the degrees of a Volkswagen Passat, that’s excellent. As for the look, even on the road there’s nothing that brings out, nothing on its own. On the market there funniest station, other faster, but the Optima convinces 360°. The motor, fluid in the delivery, is among the best soundproofed in the section, though I’m not convinced the way down the drive. It’s not really that efficiency is insufficient, but particularly on the highway, with the 5th or 6th engaged, overtaking isn’t extremely fast. Positively shocking is the steering. Should not be an incident of the rest if the manufacture who designed and developed it’s called Albert Biermann and before to be in Kia was at BMW.

This isn’t the best command in circulation since it’s a bit fake and doesn’t leave to hear very well what’s happening under the wheels, but it is nice prepared and provides the machine agility above average, thanks to perspective, drive to the right stage in the curve, but never too hard. Lumps and bumps slip under the wheels without that the passengers encounter shocks, as well as air glides on the body that not create vortices or hiss. The price is not yet known, but it can be assumed to be approximately 900\/1, 500 &euro, higher than the sedan. We already know that sales will start in October, which the consumer may have a dual clutch gearbox, but not a 2 litre diesel engine.

Finally, it’s rich endowment of safety, with driver help systems that continuously monitor what does the driver.

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