2017 Hyundai Elantra Reviews

Following a foreign marketplace tease, where the U.S.-marketplace Elantra’s Korean double developed a turbocharged Sport model before this year, Hyundai has finally revealed the Sport headed for the coasts. Our Elantra Sport is pretty much the same as the Avante Sport, which is exciting news in case you’ve been eagerly awaiting a sportier Elantra as you’d expect, simply as our Elantra sedan is the same as the Korean marketplace Avante. We are unsure exactly how many buyers are keeping their breath for Elantra with an injection of additional spice, but the Sport will fall in only beneath the most popular compacts, automobiles like Volkswagen’s GTI, Honda’s upcoming next gen Civic Si, and Ford Focus ST.

Okay, yeah, the Veloster Turbo is a sport compact Hyundai already offered to U.S. Clients, but it is strange looking, has asymmetrical doors, and is not really great to drive. The 2017 Elantra Sport is non odd appearing-it’s truly fairly attractive. Sharing headlights and its fundamental grille shape with some other Elantras, the sport becomes deep cuts below appealing 20 spoke aluminum wheels, a subtle body kit, and each cheekbone. In what counts as a coup design, Hyundai has resisted the urge to tawdry touches and scatter boy racer spoilers on the Sport, bypassing Focus ST style aesthetic to get a subtler, an extroverted, more mature GTI like vibe.

Having mastered almost every other facet of creating automobiles that are affordable, desired, Hyundai continues to be learning with regards to driving dynamics as well as too little pleasure is all of Elantra held back from the more sporty Honda Civic and Mazda 3 in our most recent little auto comparison evaluation. When there is anything the Elantra Sport is overlooking besides us in the driver’s seat, specifications, and closing pricing -itis a hatchback body design. Scan now’s warm-up compacts, also it is clear that hatchbacks reign, leaving Elantra Sport sticking out to the four door. Having said that, Honda’s next Civic Si is probably going to get there as a sedan as well as a coupe in addition to a hatch, Nissan is working on a turbocharged Sentra NISMO sedan, and Volkswagen carries on to provide the Jetta GLI, so maybe compact sports sedans are creating a recovery.

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